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Rodgers with Hart & Hammerstein: Songs in Matched Pairs

Recorded live at the Rockport
Chamber Music Festival, 2006.
For Demo Only
Rodgers with Hart & Hammerstein: Songs in Matched Pairs examines the many faces of Richard Rodgers, through his work with his two greatest collaborators — wry Larry Hart, who combined dazzling rhymes with an often tragic subtext, and who brought out Rodgers' gift for melodic and harmonic invention; and Oscar Hammerstein II, the consummate theatre professional, whose lyrics reveal character above all, and who challenged Rodgers to write with a new depth and simplicity. A balance of well-known and lesser-known songs in surprising and sometimes hilarious juxtaposition reflects Hart's and Hammerstein's individual takes on similar themes — desert islands ("Bali Ha'i"/"On A Desert Island With Thee"); music ("The Sound of Music"/"Johnny One Note"); spring ("It Might As Well Be Spring"/"Spring Is Here") — culminating in a grand waltz medley.

For an extra fee, this show can also feature delicious insider commentary by author and popular-song expert, Philip Furia (Poets of Tin Pan Alley). This show is available in either a one-act (60 minutes) or a two-act format (100 minutes). Demo CD available on request.
Jennie, David, and Phil Furia premiering Rodgers With Hart & Hammerstein
at the Chamber Arts Festival of Marbletown, June 2006

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