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Musical Friends

David Alpher
Drew Minter
Robert Osborne
James Ruff
Sarah Levine Simon
Danielle Woerner

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Cabaret, Jazz, & American Songbook
Helen Baldassare Cabaret Performance Workshop
Bob Cohen
Hector Coris
Dave Frishberg
Author Philip Furia
Laurel Massé

Pop, Folk, & Originals
Larry Balestra
Debbie Deane
Flames of Discontent
Kurt Henry/The Kurt Henry Band
Mark Houghtaling & Neil Herlands
Princes of Serendip

Educational Affiliations
Master Teacher Carol Fox Prescott
Vassar College Music Department

      Favorite Venues
Alan Klotz Gallery
Arts Society of Kingston (ASK)
Backstage Studio Productions
Bard College
Chamber Arts Festival of Marbletown
Concerts Con Brio
The MacDowell Colony
Millay Colony
Music at Marist
PeaceSmiths Topical, A-Typical Folk Music, Poetry and Whatever Coffeehouse
People's Voice Café
Rockport Chamber Music Festival
West End Theatre

Professional Organizations
Chamber Music America
Local 802, American Federation of Musicians
Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (MAC)
Songwriters Hall of Fame

Dancing on the Air Radio Archive
The Woodstock Roundtable on WDST-FM, hosted by Doug Grunther

Service Providers
Eldad Benary/The Sound Company
Michael Gold/The Corporate Image
Hudson Valley Music, showcasing musicians and music-related services in the Hudson Valley
Barbara Hugo/Electric River, videographic services
Patrych Sound Studios
Tunedin Web Site Design


We'd like to thank the photographers, sound engineers, and videographers who have worked with us and whose work appears on this web site:
  • Publicity photos and live performance photography, Rodgers With Hart & Hammerstein: Michael Gold/The Coporate Image
  • Sound recording, People's Cabaret demo, etc.: Eldad Benary/The Sound Company
  • Sound recording, Smart-Alecky Songs for Serious Times demo: Joseph Patrych/Patrych Sound Studios
  • Sound recording, Rodgers with Hart & Hammerstein demo: Tom Stephenson
  • Video of The Elegant & The Immigrant and 60s Cabaret: Barbara Hugo and Richard Thomson/Electric River Productions
  • Video of "We've All Got to Live in this World...": used by permission of PeaceSmiths Topical, A-Typical Folk Music, Poetry and Whatever Coffeehouse

More Local Musicians
Hudson Valley Music
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