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David Alpher Discography

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    American Dreamer
Songs of Stephen Foster

Thomas Hampson, baritone
Jay Ungar, violin, mandolin
Molly Mason, guitar, bass
David Alpher, piano

This perennially popular 1992 CD pairs Hampson's glorious baritone with Ungar and Mason's pitch-perfect colloquial strings and Alpher's articulate, nuanced piano. An American classic.

1. Opening Solo Violin
2. Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
3. Hard Times Come Again No More
4. The Voice of Bygone Days
5. Foster Favorites Medley
6. Open Thy Lattice, Love
7. Beautiful Dreamer
8. That's What's The Matter
9. Old Home Medley
10. Molly! Do You Love Me?
11. Sweetly She Sleeps, My Alice Fair
12. Comrades, Fill No Glass For Me
13. Dancing On The River
14. My Wife Is A Most Knowing Woman
15. Gentle Annie
16. Linger In Blissful Repose
17. Ah! May The Red Rose Live Alway