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The Elegant & The Immigrant: Cole Porter & Irving Berlin Together

Video Clip

The Elegant & The Immigrant: Cole Porter & Irving Berlin Together is a program of songs in matched pairs, exploring the similarities and differences between these two master songwriters from Tin Pan Alley's golden age: Porter, Ivy-educated Midwestern son of privilege, accustomed to penning his musical bons mots in the luxury of a Venetian palazzo; Berlin, the Lower East Side immigrant waif whose mania to assimilate culminated in his writing our "unofficial" national anthem, "God Bless America."

Litt and Alpher, with their signature combination of articulate charm and meticulous research, explore Porter and Berlin's individual takes on themes such as high society ("Tale of the Oyster"/"Poor Little Rich Girl's Dog"), sexual innuendo ("I'm In Love Again"/"You'd Be Surprised"), lists ("You're The Top"/"There's No Business Like Show Business"), and the virgin's fall from grace ("Antoinette Birby"/"Sadie Salome Go Home").

This show is available in either a one-act (50 minutes) or a two-act format (90 minutes). Demo DVD available on request.

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