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Smart-Alecky Songs for Serious Times
An All-Original Revue

Smart-Alecky Songs for Serious Times is a collection of original Alpher/Litt cabaret songs – which, if not quite classics yet, may surely be dubbed "pre-classics" – tackling topics as diverse as the weaponization of space, the life-cycle of apples, the cryopreservation of embryos, women's lingerie, and food poisoning. David's sophisticated, tuneful, humorous music embraces styles from jazz to blues to faux Dvorák and beyond.
Jennie backstage at the West End Theater during a return engagement of Smart-Alecky Songs for Serious Times.
The songs are strung together by our usual lame attempt at patter, which means that whether you're laughing with us or at us, we can nevertheless guarantee that you'll be laughing. Demo CD available on request.

“Subj: A Willy Good Shoe!

Jennie and David -

Thanks for a fun and eminently smart-alecky show! Your lyrics and music are both engaging. I hope you didn't mind my looking down and listening more than watching some times - it helps me concentrate on the songs, which are wonderful!! The apple song unfolds beautifully – both lyrically and musically. Cheers,

Tim Moore
Singer-Songwriter: "Second Avenue," "Rock and Roll Love Letter"

What Audiences Are Saying ...

"Simply hysterical ... original and witty."
"...joyful and hilarious ... One of a kind!"

"A very enjoyable concert by a couple you could tell loved their work."
"Jennie Litt had a wonderful way of making the story come alive and capturing the audience."

"The piano was ... played beautifully."
"Every song was witty and had a degree of truthfulness to it."

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